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Application is invited for post-doctoral positions in the group of Prof Jeremy Murray at the Shanghai Institute for Plant Physiology and Ecology (SIPPE) in the area of beneficial plant-microbe interactions. The newly established group is part of the Centre of Excellence for Plant & Microbial Science (CEPAMS) a collaboration between the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the John Innes Centre (JIC), UK.


Group Description: Plant Interactions with Beneficial Microorganisms for Nutrient Acquisition.


The research in the group covers two related research areas, bacterial colonization of the rhizosphere, and the legume-rhizobia symbiosis (nodulation).


Nodulation is the symbiotic interaction between nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria called rhizobia and legume plants. Our model system is Medicago truncatula-Sinorhizobiummeliloti symbiosis. A pre-requisite for establishment of nitrogen-fixing nodules is the colonization and subsequent infection of the host roots. The research is aimed at:


          1.    Identifying the host components involved in the selection of beneficial bacterial symbionts (especially rhizobia) in the host rhizosphere

          2.    Identifying the mechanisms required for development of specialized intracellular host infection structures called infection threads

          3.    Understanding the crosstalk between nitrogen homeostasis and nodulation


Three positions are currently available.


Job/Position Description

The successful candidates will have a strong scientific background, with good English and Chinese language communication skills. The post holder will be expected to independently develop their research within the group in the nodulation research area including writing grant applications, student supervision, and writing and preparing figures for scientific manuscripts and reports.


Key Qualifications

The successful candidates will ideally have a PhD in Plant Biology with experience in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, or Cell biology or related discipline.


To Apply: send your CV with publication list, a short research statement and emails oftwo references to jeremy.murray @jic.ac.uk and hr@sippe.ac.cn.

For further information, please contact jeremy.murray@jic.ac.uk